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All hail the barbecue, that wonderful method of meat making that heralds the onslaught of summer's summery ways. What does this have to do with anything? Not much really. Sure, Americans are getting ready for a nice long holiday weekend, which usually includes barbecues, but what really counts is that there's still a quiz up for playing, and that will make a good filler for when you're marinading your meat. If you know what I mean. And I think you do.

Go. Play. Eat Meat. Take Quiz.
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1. In the original television series "Battlestar Galactica", what famous dancer played the part of Starbuck's father?

2. In the musical "Chicago", which character welcomes the audience to the show?

3. Who wrote the original short story that Alfred Hitchcock used as a basis for "The Birds"?

4. Dr. Andrew Zagarian created which indestructible DC comics supervillain?

5. Fun with lyrics! Name the song and the artist:
La rencontrant chez des amis
Je lui dis : Mademoiselle
Que faites-vous donc dans la vie
Eh bien répondit-elle

6. If you could solve any mystery, great or small, what would it be?
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The Ides of May are upon us! Which means... well, nothing, really. Julius Caesar's been dead for two months, his play is over, and we can move on to Hamlet or King Lear. So while you're waiting for your next tragedy, take some time to play this week's quizly goodness and welcome the triumph of comedy over tragedy. And remember the moral of Macbeth: premature C-section babies will defeat evil every time.

Go. Play. Take Quiz.
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1. What title does Tenzin Gyatso currently hold?

2. Which actor played Lance Cumson on the primetime soap opera "Falcon Crest"?

3. What Spanish firearms company (now bankrupt) was originally founded under the name "Gabilondo and Urresti"?

4. Players strike a rubber ball with their hips in which ancient Mesoamerican sport?

5. Fun with lyrics! Name the song and the band:
You don't believe that she's mine, all mine
I love her,
Love her, love her so.
That I'll never, never let her go.
You may be certain she's mine, all mine,
She's mine all of the time.

6. Cute fuzzy animals! Which one's your favorite?
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As the merry month of may moves on, we think of flowers and cherry blossoms and graduation and summer parties and all sorts of fun shenanigans. But we must not forget the most fun-filled activity of this, or any other, month: playing the quiz of the week. So go forth, and use your new Spring-based powers for good and humor, and take that quiz, and then go dance in a flower garden or something.

Go. Play. Eat Flowers Take Quiz.
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1. What brand of cigarettes, extremely popular in the US in the early 20th Century, was known during that time for the slogan "It's Toasted"?

2. Bruce Willis plays a professional hit man in several movies. He gets to shoot Lucy Liu and helps kill Sir Ben Kingsley in which one?

3. In the theme song for "Tiny Toon Adventures", which character is mentioned before Dizzy Devil?

4. Fun with lyrics! Name the song and the musical it appears in:
You're on this date with me
The pickings have been lush
And yet before the evening is over
You might give me the brush

5. Waldo the Wizard was, briefly, the mascot for which cereal?

6. Fortune has smiled upon you, and something went right for you today! What was it?
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Hooray hooray
The first of May
Outdoor fucking
Starts today

So, you know, if you didn't make the most of yesterday, it's warmer out today, so knock yourself out. But before you get all frisky, you should make sure that you played this week's quizly goodness. While it's not as cool as fornication in the wild, it is still pretty awesome, and everyone should do it.

This would probably be the part where I show some animals humping, but I'll take the high road.

Go. Play. Fornicate outside. Take Quiz.
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1. Gary Oldman has starred in two films directed by Luc Besson. Which is the second one?

2. What is the title of the only play written by Ernest Hemingway?

3. In music theory, what object is described as the geometrical representation of relationships among the 12 pitch classes of the chromatic scale?

4. In US legal terminology, the phrase "No person shall be...subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb" appears in which specific piece of text?

5. What luxury department store chain opened its flagship location in New York City on 15 September 1924?

6. Cinco de Mayo is here! What are your plans? If you don't have any, make some up. We'll never know!
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What devilry is this? The end of April, already upon us? Next week's reminder will be the beginning of May? INCONCEIVABLE! There's only one way to cure the inevitable tsunami of emotions that will overwhelm you: play this week's quiz and let the humor armor you against the crushing power of ennui and other stuff.

Go. Play. Take Quiz.
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1. Jules Léotard became famous not only for an obviously named piece of clothing, but for his gymnastic skill with which apparatus?

2. Pernell Roberts played the titular role in which M*A*S*H spinoff?

3. Members of the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance are usually referred to as what?

4. "The Sound of Music" is based on the real life adventures of which family?

5. Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones play thieves in which 90's film?

6. You want to catch something. What is it? How do you catch it?
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And another Thursday whizzes past us and leads to Friday, the most anticipated of workdays. So let's greet that anticipation with something exciting, like this week's quizly goodness. Play it! It's good mojo. Full of Easter Eggs, as the season dictates. Or Passover Eggs, if you're into that sort of thing. EGGSES!

Go. Play. Take Quiz.
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1. In 1934, Architect Eric Gugler was instrumental in the redesign of which well-known chamber?

2. During the 2006 Winter Olympics, the speed skating events took place in which arena?

3. Ralphie Parker's decoder ring came courtesy of which product?

4. Who was the trumpeteer for the Cuban jazz band Irakere?

5. Who was the commanding officer of the SDF-1?

6. You're in a race! What kind of race? Did you win?
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Well, looks like Reminder Thursday and Reminder Friday just whizzed by. But that's ok. Before your weekend starts (or, for those of you in other time zones, before Saturday gets fully underway), there's still time to play this week's quizly goodness. Don't be shy! It won't hurt you. It's full of love and goodness and wonderment and atrocities. Whoops, did I say atrocities? I meant... Astro Cities! Yeah, big cities in space. That's exactly what I meant.

While you ponder that, remember that "cute and cuddly" out in space might not mean the same thing as it does here.

Go. Play. Take Quiz.
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1. Great Adventure, La Ronde, and Magic Mountain are all amusement parks owned by which company?

2. The 1967 Arab–Israeli War is usually referred to as what?

3. Fun with lyrics! Name the song and the band:
The night was black was no use holding back
'Cause I just had to see was someone watching me
In the mist dark figures move and twist
Was all this for real or just some kind of hell

4. Bruce Willis is shot by Donnie Wahlberg in which 90's film?

5. What television show started with the phrase "Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology."?

6. What was your favorite activity when you were a child?


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